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Interested in Living and Working in an Island Paradise?

If so, then you are at the right place. Oasis Recruiting specializes in finding great career opportunities in Bermuda and the Cayman Islands for qualified accountants (CA, ACCA, CPA).

There are many reasons why qualified accountants continually make the exciting move offshore, such as:

  • To gain valuable international work experience

  • To build a substantial financial nest-egg by earning a great salary in a virtually tax-free environment

  • To live in a fun island environment where spare time can be spent doing any number of things such as relaxing on the beach, golfing on ocean-side links, scuba diving, boating with friends, participating in recreational team sports, etc.

Oasis Recruiting has been founded by individuals who have lived the offshore life. We have spent time in both Bermuda and Cayman and can speak from personal experience on what it is like to leave your home country and make the leap offshore. Based on our positive experiences, we are thrilled to now have the chance to help other qualified accountants work towards their dreams.

There is no charge to you for our service. Instead, we are compensated by the companies in Bermuda and Cayman who rely on us to help them meet their staffing requirements.


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